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Hinges with friction brake

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Fitting Weight
Code Description L B f ±0.25 f1 ±0.25 H h1 h2 b1 R L1 h3 h4 d3 d4 g
422134 CFA.49-ERS-SH-5 49.5 48 30.5 31 19 13 11 17 44 52 29 36 5.5 10 40
422234 CFA.65-ERS-SH-6 65 64 40 40 23 15 13.5 24 44 52 29 36 6.5 11.5 75
422334 CFA.97-ERS-SH-10 96.5 97.5 59.5 62.5 35 23 20.5 35 63 73.5 37 48 10.5 20 240

Additional information

Adjustable handle

Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Red writing "PUSH" tampoprinted on the lever body (avoid contact with solvents, alcohol or detergents containing alcohol).<BR>Black-oxide steel retaining screw, AISI 302 stainless steel return spring.


Through holes for countersunk head screws.


Black, matte finish.

Features and applications

CFA+ERS hinge has been developed to offer an unlimited number of door-stop positions within the rotation angle of 220°. The friction between the two hinge bodies controls the speed of opening and closing operations.

Hinge body

High resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Instructions of use

<P>The friction effect is obtained by clamping the two hinged bodies using the special adjustable handle. To operate the adjusting mechanism, push down the lever (PUSH). By releasing the lever, the spring releases the toothing, thus the handle can return to its starting position and the lever can rotate freely together with the door without obstacles for the operator monoeuvres, even in case of accidental shock. The high number of teeth within the adjustable handle guarantees rotation even in case of very limited movement of the lever arm.</P>

Lever assembly

Black-oxide steel bushing, tapped blind hole (CFA.49 and CFA.65).<BR>Brass bushing, tapped blind hole (CFA.97).

Lever colour

Grey-black, matte finish.

Rotation angle

Max 220°, between 0° and -40° and between 0° and 180°<BR>(0° = condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane). <BR>Do not exceed the rotation angle limit (see drawing) so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical peformance.

Rotation pin

Black-oxide steel.


<P>To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines.<BR>Strength values: see the corresponding models of CFA..</P>

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