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Standard Elements Main dimensions Fitting Weight
Code Description L B f ±0.25 f1 ±0.25 f2 ±0.25 l1 l2 b1 d d2 l Through holes g
422511 CFB.108 SH-6 109 45 72.5 48.2 92.7 18 27 20.5 6 6 10 6.5 85
Standard Elements AXIAL STRENGTH RADIAL STRENGTH 90° ANGLED STRENGTH Maximum tightening torque [Nm]
Code Description Maximum working load Ea [N] Load at breakage Ra [N] Maximum working load Er [N] Load at breakage Rr [N] Maximum working load E90 [N] Load at breakage R90 [N]
422511 CFB.108 SH-6 610 6020 640 5020 520 2200 3

Additional information


Through holes for M6 countersunk head screws and referring pins for an accurate positioning of the hinge body.

Assembly instructions

1. Remove the rotation pin and fit the two separated parts on the element to be hinged.<BR>2. Assembly the two elements together matching the right alignement of the hinge and insert the rotation pin.


Black, matte finish.


High resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Rotation angle

Max 210°, between 0° and -15° and between 0° and 195°<BR>(0° = condition where the two interconnected surfaces are at a right angle).<BR>Do not exceed the rotation angle limit (see drawing) so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance.

Rotation pin

AISI 303 stainless steel.


To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines .

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