GN 300.4

Adjustable handles with high tightening clamping force

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting hole Weight
Description R D H H1 h1 h2 d1 d2 d h g
GN 300.4-63-M6-* 63 17.5 48.5 52.5 34.5 11 17.5 24 M6 12.5 96
GN 300.4-78-M8-* 78 21 58.5 62.5 39.5 11.5 21 25 M8 14 140
GN 300.4-92-M10-* 92 24 68.5 72.5 46.5 13.5 24 30 M10 18 205
GN 300.4-108-M12-* 108 30 82 87 56.5 18 30 35 M12 26.5 325
* Complete the description of the standard item needed by adding the index of the colour of the lever body: SW (black), OS (orange), RS (red textured finish), SR (silver), SZ (graphite black), CR (chrome-plated).

Additional information

Clamping element with distance bushing

Nitrided tempered steel with threaded hole and toothed element for coupling to the lever body.


– plastic coated<BR>
black, RAL 9005, textured finish <STRONG>SW</STRONG><BR>
black, RAL 9011, silk finish <STRONG>SZ</STRONG><BR>
orange, RAL 2004, textured finish <STRONG>OS</STRONG><BR>
red, RAL 3000, textured finish <STRONG>RS</STRONG><BR>
silver, RAL 9006. textured finish <STRONG>SR</STRONG><BR>

Features and applications

GN 300.4 adjustable handles can withstand a double tightening clamp force thanks to a larger friction surface and to the thrust ball bearing which rotates freely thus reducing friction on the element. The reduced friction on the element and a greater pre-load avoid the deformation of the surface.

Fitting screw

Black-oxide steel.

Lever body

Zinc alloy die-cast, epoxy resin coating.

Thrust ball bearing

Nitrided tempered steel.