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GN 6336.3-NI

Quick release star knobs

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting hole Weight
Description D L d1 l2 d d2 h g
GN 6336.3-40-M8-NI 40 26 16 13 M8 8.4 24 32
GN 6336.3-50-M10-NI 50 34 20 17 M10 10.5 30 60
GN 6336.3-63-M12-NI 63 42 26 21 M12 13 37 129

Additional information


GN 6336.3 lobe knobs are used when quick tightening is required and with only a slight clamping force.

Assembly instructions

The knob is placed in the axial position so that it fits onto the pin threads. At this point it can be locked with just a slight rotation.


Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)<BR>
– shock-resistant<BR>
– black, matt finish<RB>
Stainless Steel <STRONG>NI</STRONG><BR>
AISI 303

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