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Lobe knobs

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting hole Weight
Code Description D L d1 l2 d 6H h g
150534 VCT.25 AE-V0 B-M5 25 19 13 8 M5 10 6
150544 VCT.32 AE-V0 B-M6 32 23 15 10 M6 12 11
150564 VCT.40 AE-V0 B-M8 40 27 17 12 M8 18 24
150584 VCT.50 AE-V0 B-M10 50 32 19 14 M10 26 34

Additional information


Brass boss with tapped blind hole (VCT.25) or through hole (VCT. from 32 to 50).

Centre cap

Glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer certified self-extinguishing <strong>UL-94 V0</strong>, black colour, matte finish, supplied assembled.


Black, matte finish.

Ergonomy and design

The particular design of this knob follows rigorous ergonomic standards: five-lobe shape, blended radius, well proportioned rim height offer a natural, safe and comfortable grip, allowing the operator to obtain a strong clamping action.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer certified self-extinguishing <strong>UL-94 V0</strong>. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Technical data

In long-term thermal ageing tests, with a maximum decrease in critical mechanical properties by 50%, the relative temperature index UL 746 B (RTI) was equal to 65.<BR><STRONG>The "V0" certification in accordance with </STRONG><STRONG> UL-94 V (Underwriters Laboratories)</STRONG> indicates that on a plastic test sample with specific shape and dimensions, in the vertical position, the flame is extinguished within 10 seconds, without generating any incandescent drops.