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Fluted grip knobs

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Product Details

Elesa Standards Main dimensions Mounting hole C # Weight
Code Description D L d1 l2 d2 d 6H d H9 h [Nm] g
134316 MBT.45 B-6-SOFT 44 24 17 10 12 6 14 18 32
134321 MBT.45 B-M6-SOFT 44 24 17 10 M6 12 15 31
134326 MBT.45 B-M8-SOFT 44 24 17 10 M8 13 18 30
134416 MBT.55 B-8-SOFT 54 30 20 12.5 15 8 20 30 40
134421 MBT.55 B-M8-SOFT 54 30 20 12.5 M8 20 30 46
134426 MBT.55 B-M10-SOFT 54 30 20 12.5 M10 18 32 44
# “Max limit tightening torque” means the value under which the metal insert, in normal conditions of use, is perfectly and strongly anchored to the plastic part.

Additional information


Black, matte finish.


This kind of knob allows operation in an ergonomic way in all working conditions, reaching the maximum torque level with little fatigue for the operator's hand. <BR>The very fine pitch structure of the rim, together with the soft-touch cover, simplifies the adjustements of the knob during rapid rotation (or screwing) without any unpleasant angular work for the hand and wrist.

Features and applications

The rim, coated with "soft-touch" elastomer, improves the grip even in the presence of oils, greases and sweat from the hand. For this reason these fluted knobs are suitable for fitness machines, tools and machines for gardening and goods transport, high-precision instruments and disability aids.

Fluted rim

"Soft-touch" thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) chemically bonded, hardness 70 Shore A. The coating material is certified according to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug administration).


High-resilience polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Standard execution

Brass boss, threaded blind hole.