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GN 432

Wing knobs

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting hole Weight
Description D L b d h g
GN 432-25-M6 25 10 8 M6 7 11
GN 432-30-M6 30 12 10 M6 9 20
GN 432-30-M8 30 12 10 M8 9 19
GN 432-36-M8 36 14.5 12 M8 10 35
GN 432-36-M10 36 14.5 12 M10 10 38

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Tapped blind hole.

Features and applications

These wing knobs allow high tightening torque values.<BR>AISI 316L stainless steel, thanks to its high resistance to corrosion, allows the application of these wing knobs on machines and equipment in those sectors where laws or particular hygienic, climatic and environmental factors make it mandatory to use corrosion resistant materials.


AISI 316L sintered stainless steel, sandblasted matte finish.