GN 880.1

Connector pieces

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Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description Size d1* d2 g
GN 880.1-22-A 22 M22x1.5 15 58
GN 880.1-22-B 22 M22x1.5 15 58
GN 880.1-22-C 22 M22x1.5 15 61
GN 880.1-26-A 26 M26x1.5 20 88
GN 880.1-26-B 26 M26x1.5 20 86
GN 880.1-26-C 26 M26x1.5 20 89
* Connection thread GN 880

Additional information

Accessories on request

– other hose length.<BR>- Drain hose with inside webbing (Nylon).

Connecting nut

Brass, with hose liner.

Features and applications

Connector pieces GN 880.1 are required when using oil drain valves GN 880. <BR>Screwing on the connector piece will activate the valve plate of the oil drain valve, allowing the oil to flow through the hose into a pan held ready. <BR>The plug prevents remaining oil from dripping out after discharging. <BR>The plugs and the hose clip (only type B and C) are included parts of the order. <BR>

Hose clip

Zinc-plated steel.

L bend

Copper 45° / 90°.


NBR (Perbunan) synthetic rubber.


Plastic, LD-PE.<BR>

Standards versions available

– Type <STRONG>A</STRONG>: Connector straight.<BR>- Type <STRONG>B</STRONG>: Connector 45°.<BR>- Type <STRONG>C</STRONG>: Connector 90°.

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