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Column level indicators with or without transparent protection(Elesa patent)

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Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting holes C # Weight
Code Description Code Description f d A B C L l1 l2 r d ‘-0.2 f ‘±0.2 [Nm] g
111001 HCK.76-M10 111001-NP HCK.76-M10-NP 76 M10 20 33 33 113 35.5 42 18.5 10.5 76 ±0.2 12 183
111011 HCK.127-M12 111011-NP HCK.127-M12-NP 127 M12 20 33 33 164 46.5 71 18.5 12.5 127±0.5 12 220
111021 HCK.176-M12 111021-NP HCK.176-M12-NP 176 M12 20 33 33 213 46.5 120 18.5 12.5 176±0.5 12 250
111031 HCK.254-M12 111031-NP HCK.254-M12-NP 254 M12 20 33 33 291 46.5 198 18.5 12.5 254±0.5 12 298
111041 HCK.381-M12 111041-NP HCK.381-M12-NP 381 M12 20 33 33 418 46.5 325 18.5 12.5 381±0.5 12 377
111051 HCK.508-M12 111051-NP HCK.508-M12-NP 508 M12 20 33 33 545 46.5 452 18.5 12.5 508±0.5 12 455
# Maximum tightening torque.

Additional information

Assembly ends

Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour.

Graduated contrast screen

Self-adhesive plastic material, resistant to oils, greases.<BR>Fitted to the aluminium support.

Level column window

Polycarbonate transparent tube.<BR>Maximum fluid level visibility even from side positions.

Maximum continuous working temperature

100°C (with oil).

Packing rings

NBR rubber O-Ring.

Screws, nuts and washers

Zinc-plated steel.

Special executions on request

– Column level window in transparent methylmatacrylate (PMMA) for max 70°C use. <BR>- AISI 303 stainless steel screws with hexagon socket.<BR>- Polyamide based technopolymer float (from HCK.127) red colour.<BR>- Expanded NBR float (from HCK.176) black colour with AISI 316 stainless steel spiral for special executions, viscous liquids, high temperatures.<BR>- Column level window with visibility (l2) superior to 452 mm and holes centre distance for fixing up to 1.500 mm.<BR>- Electric sensor bracket pre-set at the following temperatures: 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C. <BR>- Packing rings in special material depending on the customer's needs.<BR>- Built-in thermometer with red indication line.<BR>- External scale thermometer (Fig. 1) with internal probe for fluid temperature.<BR>- Electric level sensor (Fig.2, from HCK.254) which can be fitted along the axis of the indicator according to the actual needs. With right (DX) or left (SX) connectors, normally closed (NC), normally open (NO).<BR>- Special screw with nickel-plated brass tap (Fig. 3) to be fitted to the lower assembly end for any maintenance operation requiring the indicator exclusion.

Standard executions

– <STRONG>HCK</STRONG>: with transparent front protection (against accidental shocks), in polycarbonate (PC), extractable for cleaning operations.<BR>- <STRONG>HCK-NP</STRONG>: without transparent front protection.


Aluminium in natural colour.

Technical data

In laboratory tests carried out with mineral oil type CB68 (according to ISO 3498) at 23°C for a limited period of time, the values of pression resistance were very high.<BR>If you need to use the indicator with other oils or fluids and under different pressure and temperature conditions, please contact ELESA Technical Department. In any case we suggest to verify the suitability of the product under the actual working conditions.

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