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Double-valve pressurised breather caps vandal-proof

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Code Description d D L h h1 d2 d3 g
54961 SFW.80-VP-3/4-F-350mb G 3/4 80 68 15 5.5 16 36 140
54967 SFW.80-VP-M42x2-F-350mb M42x2 80 74 21 4 32 47 150

Additional information

"Vandal-proof" safety device (ELESA patent)

The "vandal-proof" safety device (ELESA patent) is especially designed to prevent the cap from being unscrewed without permission. It is provided with a "controlled-torque" mechanism to guarantee the best seal of the packing ring.


SFW/VP pressurised breather caps are suitable for material handling equipment, machines for the agriculture sector and in general for those machines which remain unattended.<BR>Thanks to its small dimensions, the key can be kept together with others (e.g. together with the starting key of the engine). <BR>Moreover, when the cap is closed, the special coupling mechanism cap/connector allows an IP 65 class protection as to IEC 529 table.


Black, matte finish.


Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer with graphic symbol "double valve". Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.


The use of SFW/VP pressurised breather cap (see working conditions example in the SFW. sheet) which create a pressure plenum chamber right above the oil level within tested limit conditions, in order to avoid any reservoir deformation, offers the following advantages: <BR>- reduces reservoir air volume intake keeping clean oil and filter <BR>- improves suction pump action during working conditions reducing cavitation phenomenon <BR>- prevents fluid leakage when the system is part of a mobile unit <BR>- reduces foam in fluid.

Flat packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber.

Folding key

Acetal resin-based (POM) technopolymer, red colour, with stainless steel anti-intrusion-profile insert. On request and for sufficient quantities it can be supplied in black colour too.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Ring-shaped air filter

<P>"Tech-foam" polyurethane foam mesh (polyester base), air filtration 10 µ.</P>

Safety valve

Technopolymer with NBR synthetic rubber O-ring and stainless steel spring. <BR>Set at around 0.350 bar (0.700 bar on request).

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

Phosphatised steel flat dipstick.

Suction valve

Technopolymer sealing disk with NBR synthetic rubber O-ring and stainless steel spring. <BR>Set at around 0.030 bar.

Technical data

Air flow rate for each model can be determined from the graph calculating the difference between the pressure inside and outside the reservoir.

Threaded connector

Acetal resin based (POM) technopolymer.


<STRONG>1. Screwing<BR></STRONG>Take out the key and screw the cap clockwise until the friction-click controlled torque mechanism is engaged so that to guarantee the best sealing of the packing ring. The maximum torque is reached at the first mechanism release (click). After that, the cap can neither be screwed (to protect the packing ring) nor unscrewed (to protect the cap from any tampering attempt).<BR><STRONG>WARNING: during screwing the key must not be inserted.</STRONG>

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