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Plates with graphic symbols for oil plugs

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Neutral label Fill label Drain label M *
Code Description Code Description Code Description Ø
39501 MH.19-N 39521 MH.19-C 39541 MH.19-S 15
39503 MH.22-N 39523 MH.22-C 39543 MH.22-S 17
39505 MH.26-N 39525 MH.26-C 39545 MH.26-S 20.5
39507 MH.32-N 39527 MH.32-C 39547 MH.32-S 25
39509 MH.38-N 39529 MH.38-C 39549 MH.38-S 31
M * = diameter of the seat of the correspondent plug.

Additional information


The plates with graphic symbols for oil plugs are suitable for the application on plugs type TN., TNR., TCD. and TSD..


Matte anodised aluminium with self-adhesive back for sticking to the plain surface of the plug head.<BR>

Maximum continuous working temperature


Standardized graphic symbols

– MH.N: plain surface, without symbols.<BR>- MH.C: with graphic symbol "fill" according to DIN regulations.<BR>- MH.S: with graphic symbol "drain" according to DIN regulations.