GN 608.6

Indexing plungers with Stainless Steel-Plunger
with rest position

Codeb2Spring load in N "u2248endSpring load in N "u2248initialMaterialkColor Named1 Pin -0.02/-0.05 Bore H7b1l1d3d2 -0.02/-0.1d5d4l2l3 -0.15l4l5Weight(g)Axial load in N
GN 608.6-6-14
18259BB_Stainless steel30-6401425108.34.3452.54.5638400
GN 608.6-6-6
18259BB_Stainless steel30-640625108.34.3372.54.5636400
GN 608.6-8-18
202613BB_Stainless steel34-84618311210.45.3542.55.5862500
GN 608.6-8-8
202613BB_Stainless steel34-8468311210.45.3442.55.5860500

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