GN 417-A

Indexing plungers
with and without rest position

CodeSpring load in N "u2248initialMaterialSpring load in N≈ endSpring load in N≈ initiall2h3Weight(g)l2-±0-5l1k2k1-±0-05h2h1b4 -0.2b3b2b1d3d2d1 Bore +0.03/+0.08 Pin h11Color NameSpring load in N "u2248end
GN 417-10-A-NI
BB_Stainless steel2542621.759710627614.56.514.5353911.83010
GN 417-4-A-NI
BB_Stainless steel1231310124414473.3616.5226144
GN 417-5-A-NI
BB_Stainless steel24515.513.52355184.59.54.3822287.2185
GN 417-6-A-NI
BB_Stainless steel2152115.54165.521510.55.41027.5329.5246
GN 417-8-A-NI
BB_Stainless steel2262618.56585.523612.55.412333411.8308

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