GN 115.9

Latches with safety function
Operation with operating elements / with socket key, not lockable

CodeWeight(g)MaterialLatch distance Arohs
GN 115.9-HG-10-SW
101BE_Die-cast zinc alloy10Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-13-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy13Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-14-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy14Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-16-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy16Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-18-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy18Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-20-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy20Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-22-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy22Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-24-SW
101BE_Die-cast zinc alloy24Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-26-SW
102BE_Die-cast zinc alloy26Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-28-SW
103BE_Die-cast zinc alloy28Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-30-SW
104BE_Die-cast zinc alloy30Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-32-SW
104BE_Die-cast zinc alloy32Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-4-SW
104BE_Die-cast zinc alloy4Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-6-SW
102BE_Die-cast zinc alloy6Y - yes
GN 115.9-HG-8-SW
103BE_Die-cast zinc alloy8Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-10-SW
98BE_Die-cast zinc alloy10Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-13-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy13Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-14-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy14Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-16-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy16Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-18-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy18Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-20-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy20Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-22-SW
97BE_Die-cast zinc alloy22Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-24-SW
98BE_Die-cast zinc alloy24Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-26-SW
99BE_Die-cast zinc alloy26Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-28-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy28Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-30-SW
101BE_Die-cast zinc alloy30Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-32-SW
101BE_Die-cast zinc alloy32Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-4-SW
101BE_Die-cast zinc alloy4Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-6-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy6Y - yes
GN 115.9-KG-8-SW
100BE_Die-cast zinc alloy8Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-10-SW
122BE_Die-cast zinc alloy10Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-13-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy13Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-14-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy14Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-16-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy16Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-18-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy18Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-20-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy20Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-22-SW
121BE_Die-cast zinc alloy22Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-24-SW
122BE_Die-cast zinc alloy24Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-26-SW
123BE_Die-cast zinc alloy26Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-28-SW
124BE_Die-cast zinc alloy28Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-30-SW
125BE_Die-cast zinc alloy30Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-32-SW
125BE_Die-cast zinc alloy32Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-4-SW
125BE_Die-cast zinc alloy4Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-6-SW
123BE_Die-cast zinc alloy6Y - yes
GN 115.9-RG-8-SW
124BE_Die-cast zinc alloy8Y - yes

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