Linear Actuator

Moving and positioning plant and system components is all part of a good day´s work in mechanical engineering. Elesa+Ganter offers the full range including linear double tube actuator. Whenever ultimate distortion resistance and flexural strength are required from linear actuators when they move and position large masses in any installation position, linear actuators with dual support are the first choice. With the GN 491 and GN 492 double tube linear actuators, Elesa+Ganter offers the appropriate standard parts with a guide system consisting of two parallel tubes which allow different configurations and can therefore be adapted to highly specific requirements.

While the GN 491 double tube linear actuator features a compact slider size, the GN 492 works with a double slider carrying a large adapter plate. In both models the central trapezoidal thread spindle rising left or right runs on ball bearings and is mainly intended for manual adjustment using a handwheel but can also be motor-driven via the journal if the appropriate lubrication is
used. With a stroke along he chromed low-maintenance steel tube guides within the standard range from 100 to 300 mm, the rolled steel spindle allows the guide nut and therefore the slider to be positioned with ultimate precision to a stroke of 0.2 mm /
300 mm. The unit is installed via the numerous fixing options including through and/or thread bores at the end pieces and at the slider. The specially designed flat recess of the through bores optionally take hexagonal screw heads or nuts as well as the round heads of cylinder head screws.

Other double tube linear actuators are available on request, for example with special slider sizes with several symmetrically opposing sliders or sliders running separately and with central support. This means that Elesa+Ganter has the matching component for virtually all applications.

The same applies to the single linear actuator units GN 291, GN 292 and GN 293 with one or two sided journals and a guide tube made of chromed steel or stainless steel. Next to the units with circular cross-section the GN 291.1 with square crosssection is available for very special applications.

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