GN5345 Three Star Knobs

Elesa+Ganter’s stainless steel three-star knobs are particularly suitable for applications requiring a high degree of hygiene. With the new GN 5345 / GN 5345.4 three-star version, Elesa+Ganter has made a big step forward in functionality.

Always mindful of the ultimate application, Elesa+Ganter manufactures stainless steel star knobs from a single piece of metal. For a good reason: multi-part elements invariably have joints and gaps where particles of dirt and bacteria can settle, there is now no way dirt and bacteria can settle on these new star knobs. The sealed surface and the large radii at the corners and edges make cleaning and disinfecting the knobs easy work. Free of problem zones, these standard elements are specially suitable for the food industry and for use in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. With the GN 5335, Elesa+Ganter has for many years offered a hygienically optimised standard part, with an ergonomically improved family of knobs now following under the designation GN 5345.

With its characteristic shape, the new three-star knob with three recessed shell-type grips delivers a much better transmission of power, allowing higher torques when tightening the knobs by hand. The GN 5345 three-star knob is available with matt blasted surface. Next to the hygienically perfect design variant with tapped blind hole and sealed front, Elesa+Ganter also offers a variant with threaded through hole or an unthreaded version for special threads. Available in stainless steel grades AISI 303 and AISI 316L (GN 5345.4) and with thread sizes M6 to M12, the knobs conforming with RoHS are also a practical and attractive choice in perfectly normal applications, because appearance, touch and functionality harmonise in perfection.

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