GN124 Locking Pin

GN124 Series Locking Pin
Elesa+Ganter improves its locking pins and gets completely rid of a mechanical retainer a strong magnet elegantly takes care of the necessary axial hold.

Locking pins are some of the most universal and frequently used standard parts. They are used across all technical applications.But not all locking pins are the same: the generic term stands for an enormous variety of products today, which is clearly reflected in the Elesa+Ganter portfolio as well. There are 10 different variants with different materials and strengths, different types of button and finally a different type of axial hold.

The globally leading supplier of standard parts is now adding two new variants:
The first is the locking pin GN 124.2 with one or two-sided ball retainer that out does its predecessor, the GN 124, with a new polyamide button that has an ergonomic and modern design.
The second is the locking pin GN 124.1 which has a new functionality and does not have a mechanical axial lock at all.

A strong neodymium magnet is integrated into the bottom of the knob and thus holds the inserted pin in position. It therefore remains absolutely smooth, only protrudes minimally and like the variant with ball retainer can be removed from the hole even without pressing the release.

The big advantage of the magnetic variant is that it offers a much higher holding capacity than the ball retainer variant and sits in the hole without axial play. The materials of the locking pin are selected in such a way that the magnetic flow is not hampered and the holding strength can be completely utilized. Instead of a tactile latching action the magnetic pin indicates its correct position audibly when it flatly contacts the hole edge.

Like all Elesa+Ganter locking pins the new GN 124.1 and GN 124.2 also have holes around the knob edge for a characteristic design.These also allow for attaching retaining cables or ball chains that protect the locking pins from getting lost. The latter is available from Elesa+Ganter under GN 111.Last but not least The modularly designed locking pin GN 124.1 is naturally also available with customized specifications for diameter and lengths.

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