Function meets aesthetics

Stainless steel is not only the material of choice in corrosive atmospheres – designers increasingly use the material for its high value character.

Clamping levers with eccentrical cam are popular operating elements for rapid and torque-free clamping and releasing not only in jig and fixture constructions. The lever elements are also suitable for many other applications and not surprisingly are among Elesa+Ganter’s bestsellers.

The basic model of the GN 927 series uses zinc die casting as lever material, the ergonomic and straight handle is coated with black epoxy resin. The GN 927.3 design alternative features a zinc-plated steel lever. The axial, tensile and adjusting screw in the GN 927.4 clamping lever with eccentrical cam is made of non-rusting stainless steel, which makes it a virtual must in corrosive conditions.

As a logical continuation of its material strategy, Elesa+Ganter has now an all-stainless steel variant in its range with the GN 927.7. The RoHS conforming standard element is now even better suited when aggressive media prevail in the ambient surroundings. The clamping element is also a great deal more pleasant to touch and more attractive to look at because the lever shows itself here with its natural metallic surface. The black contact plates in the
GN 927.5 model are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyacetal or polyamide and create a natural contrast to the metal.

Using the adjustable contact plate via a precision thread, the space between eccentric lever and clamping surface as well as the clamping force or the position of the lever can be adjusted perfectly. Thanks to their favourable and ergonomic design, they allow clamping forces up to 8 kN.

Like the other clamping levers with eccentrical cam, the new GN 927.5 and GN 927.7 series are also available with internal or external thread of sizes M5 to M10. And: the series GN 927 boasts the label of the “iF product design award” for best ergonomics, function and design language. An added value which pays dividends because a well designed product is easier to operate and lends the whole application a much more pleasing appearance.

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