Edge Protection

The highest quality: Elesa+Ganter is introducing a range of edge protection profiles with and without sealing function, Elesa+Ganter is expanding its range of products once again. Edge protections profiles and edge protection seal profiles ensure secure front-side finishes on covers, cable ducts or openings, for example.

Elesa+Ganter are thereby offering everything that constitutes perfect sheet metal working from one source even for smaller or occasional use. The edge protection profiles are delivered on rolls of 20 or 50 metres in length, without a minimum order value.The edge protection profiles build not only an optically clean finish, they also protect surfaces from damage and prevent cables or tubes from being worn down in their encasing.

In addition they speed up the production phase as the burring or chamfering of edges is largely eliminated. GN2184 is available in two sizes,is made of extruded PVC and can be assembled manually. The metal clamp insert prevents it from detaching.The edge protection seal profiles GN 2180 and GN 2182 cater for edge protection and sealing in one. They are available in separate sizes and are made up of the clamping profile and the additionally extruded hollow chamber sealing profile with a softer finish. By applying the correct pressure, the profiles prevent dust, warm air or water spray from entering, while also reducing noise emissions.

The clamp insert is made of a steel wire polyester combination, enabling a comparatively low minimum placement radius without the risk of an uneven profile fit or detachment. The seal profile is affixed to the top or the side of the clamping profile.The profiles are available in a choice of EPDM or NBR, or in a combination of PVC and EPDM. NBR are particularly ideal for applications where contact with fuels or oils can occur.
The consistently high-quality materials are permanently elastic and have good resilience, making their sealing properties particularly long lasting. All profiles fulfil the RoHS and Reach requirements.

The EPDM profiles of GN2180 are additionally certified according to UL 50 and UL 94-HB.

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