Customised Parts

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Elesa+Ganter is further on its way to increasingly customised standard machine elements. Our so called service standards save the customer time and money with options for machining and other modifications. Customer specific modifications can simply be ordered in addition to the required component.

Oil dipsticks, with varying level markings and lengths are just one example of this. Until recently customer specific modifications were up to customers themselves now you can order precisely fitting dipsticks as a service. The newly-developed GN109 service standard allows the customer to order pre-made oil dipsticks with individual markings and lengths meaning they can be incorporated into the assembly process without any alterations.

Handwheels, cranks or shifting hubs are mounted in the radial or axial position by means of a cross pin or a set screw. As their positioning is highly specific the operating components have no cross hole as standard. Before assembly they must be made individually which may cause relatively high costs. With the service standard GN110 there is no need for this modification. Cross holes, one-sided, through holes or with threads are made at E+G’s factory with precision and cost effectiveness. A dimensional grid makes additional construction drawings unnecessary.

The GN 110.1 service standard also pertains to cross holes relating however to universal joint shafts and universal joints. This standard defines the position of the cross holes / the cross thread with reference to the hub key slot the square bore of the universal joints. It allows the quick and efficient machining of bore holes in the Elesa+Ganter service centre.

Handle components can now also be individually fitted with loss protection, for example the service standard GN111.7 combines star knobs with key rings, ball chains or retaining cables.
Elesa+Ganter finishes the handle component with a suitable recess in which the key ring can be inserted permanently without removability.

Service standards allow E+G to take on the time consuming modification of standard machine components for the customer without the need for intricate special equipment. In short service standards offer you new benefits because they make the slogan “ready-to-use“ a reality.

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